web developer In NEWYORK WEB 247 Animation has taken the web development industry by storm; until its arrival content was the king of internet marketing. It is hard to find a person who doesn’t know animation and the profound effect it has on the audience. Video animation is as important in promoting your website as attractive web design and robust architecture. That’s why our web designers work closely with animators to create most suitable videos for your website.

Many website owners like to have a short explainer video on their homepage explaining the purpose of their website. There are several reasons why video animation is suddenly the talk of town, primary reason being the exclusive use of videos by leading celebrities to promote their brands. Many brands and celebrities went viral with a short videos fetching million times better and faster publicity.

Benefits of animation videos –

1. Powerful Impact

Let’s face it; a small animation video will have better impact compared to any well-written article. It is proven by scientific research that human brain retains visual image better than written text hence animation video creates more powerful impact that any other text media.

2. Complex Ideas Made Simple

With animation video you can tell the most complicated stories or explain the most complex products in a simple manner. Secondly it doesn’t take much time to do the explaining with a video. In fact explainer videos are solely created to serve this purpose.

3. Go Viral

The young generation is quite aware of the term going viral. If your viewers like the explainer video on your site, they will immediately share it with their friends; their friends will in turn share it with their friends and so on. This process is so fast that your video can get a million hits in just couple of days. Think of the publicity you will get and the increase in your revenue even if you could tap a fraction of these viewers as your customers.

4. Increased Conversion Rates

Internet has turned us into impatient buyers, we don’t wait for a webpage to load we simply instead we switch to a new link immediately. Viewers certainly don’t finish reading a piece of article worth 400 words but they love watching videos. If the viewer likes your product video chances of he/she being compelled into buying your product are extremely high.

5. Create A Personality

It is our nature to put a face to everything, from products to brands. Since online shopping doesn’t allow customers to have any direct contact with you, your business video will provide them with a much necessary virtual connection making gaining their trust. Once you have earned a customer’s trust he will most likely become your repeat customer.

Our video animation services include but are not limited to –

Whiteboard Animation

It is animation that involves creative use of whiteboard, it is generally used to make explainer or walk through videos of a process or an activity. It is preferred by web designers and website owners since it is easy to integrate in a website. Secondly it is also affordable but it requires a lot of creativity. We at New York Web 247 have developed many whiteboard animation videos for clients from varied industries.

2D Animation

It less costly compared to 3D animation. It is used to make promotional videos for brand or service promotion. It is popular with many website owners for its simplicity and flexibility. A 2D animation video can be prepared in very less time as compared to 3D animation video. There several types of 2D animation videos, explainer videos, info graphics, and character animation are to name a few.

3D Animation

It garbs the top spot in latest popularity trends. 3D animation movies have developed a cult of animation fans all over the globe. With the right kind of 3D animation video your marketing opportunities are simply limitless. We create character animation videos, info graphics; walk through videos and 3D explainer videos matching your requirements.

Motion Graphics Videos

It is the best tool to explain a process or an idea such as the work culture of your company, a business development plan, the strategy to launch new product and so on. It involves a series of graphics in motion usually going in a direction or in loop with step by step explanation of the whole process.

Key Features –

  • All animation related solutions under one roof
  • Professional customer centric service
  • In-house script writers, graphic designers and voice overs
  • Quality products at affordable rates
  • Unlimited revisions and edits until you are totally satisfied
  • No hidden charges, transparent and hassle free payment policy
  • No outsourcing, everything is strictly in-house
  • No deposits