Our Privacy Policy

We have created this privacy policy for our visitors and customers so that they know what data we need to collect from them and how we use it. We strictly adhere to the protection of the privacy of the personal data. Please have a look at the terms and conditions of our privacy policy.

Personal data collection:

We collect some personally identifiable data from our visitors and customers for providing better services and solving their queries. The information like name, phone number, email address, etc. is collected. The IP address is also exchanged when someone visits our website. The voluntary information that is provided by the visitors and customers on our website or any other social media sites is also collected.

Why do we collect this information?

The information from the visitors and customers is collected for the betterment of the services we provide, for processing transactions, etc. It is also required for sending emails, any tips or similar data as requested by the audience.

Information Disclosure & Security:

We respect your privacy and its security. Hence we do not share, rent or sell the data to any third parties. However, as required for imparting our services properly, we share the data internally with the team and with our partner parties, while keeping the data secure.

Advertising and Social Media:

Currently, we are not using the data of our visitors and customers for any marketing or advertising. In future, if required, we will take prior permission for this and only then use the information.

Updates to the Privacy Policy:

For providing best services to the customers, the website and this privacy policy are subject to change periodically without any prior notification. We request you to check the terms and condition of this privacy policy yourself from time to time.

Contacting Us:

For any doubts, suggestions, and queries about the privacy policy, terms and conditions or website, please write to us at Info@Newyorkweb247.com.