The Latest Trends in Web Design New York

An eye-catchy and attractive website is essential for gaining attention the of target audience. The Web Design New York has been trending since years and new designs are being introduced every year by the talented Web Designer New York .

Let us look at the latest styles in web design New York that most of the websites are using on a large scale.

Bold Typography

It has been in boom all over the world. Usually homepages of the websites use big and bold typography. The taglines or important action words are highlighted in bold. It looks good when the web design is in a way that rest of page has less content and is cleaner. This trend is loved by so many companies and is used on a large scale.


This type of color scheme looks cool and elegant. The designers are making use of this trend on a very large scale.

Experimental Compositions

The images are put on the pages in different and unique styles which are randomly placed. Their flow is not traditional but it is experimented by the web designers and is of diverse nature.


GIFs or high-quality videos being played on a smooth loop are called as the cinemagraphs. These successfully grab the attention of the visitors as they add visual interest and movement to the web pages. These have been very popular nowadays.


A plain page that has just one word- “Scroll” will be an example of ultra-minimalism. This is a new trend in fashion that increases the curiosity of the visitors. In this web design pattern, there is a plain background and a button or a link (or more than one) is highlighted.


Illustration and graphic design do all the work in this trend. Gone are the days when websites had lengthy plain texts. Little text with more attractive graphic designs and illustrations add to the beauty of the website and make the visitors stay for more time.

Layers of colors

For adding the depth and texture to web pages, stacked and staggered layers of colors are used. They are really stylish and give classy look to the website.

Bright Gradients

Use of bright gradients is getting pretty famous recently. They are attractive and impressive. They make the pages look fresh and modern.

Simple plain text

Many websites are directly displaying simple and straightforward text while dropping the images and other features from the web pages. Such web design looks plain and uncluttered. They write their mission statements, services and samples of work and cut-off any other extra stuff.

Overlapping text and images

Web design New York is not single person’s job. The Web Designer New York has to work with a web developer to make this come true. The text slightly overlapping the images is popular nowadays, especially for blog or portfolios.

Blending the Vertical and horizontal text

Placement of big and bold text in a mixed pattern on the web pages adds a different refreshing look to the website. The text can be placed horizontally and vertically on the web page.