Difference Between Web Designer Nyc and Web Developer Nyc

What does a Web Designer Nyc do? And what does a Web Developer Nyc do? Are these both the same?

No, these are different profiles having totally different roles and responsibilities. However, they are very closely related and need to work together while creating a website. Many times one person can work as a Web Designer Nyc or a web developer Nyc as well; usually in small scale companies.

Let us see both of them in details one by one.

A web designer’s job

Web design is related to visual aesthetics of the website and the one who designs them is a website designer, the one who designs the looks, color-scheme, layout and features of the websites.

They use graphic designing tools and software for creating the layout of how will the website look.

It is a creative job that requires innovation to make the websites look unique and attractive to the eyes.

The best designers have good knowledge of the different concepts involving typography and color, audience and user experience, special relationships, etc.

They use the tools and software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, etc. but they may also be familiar HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

They have many other skills like graphic design, logo design, branding, storyboards, wireframes, etc.

A web developer’s job

A web developer’s job is to bring in reality what web designers have designed. Their work is to transform the designs to dynamic websites.

They create a functional website by coding or programming.

It is a technical job, unlike web designing.

They make use of languages like HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, Ruby on Rails, and C++, etc.

Their other skills include tools like Libraries, Frameworks, Git and Github, web-user interface design, etc.

Their main focus is on developing a website which is easy to navigate for users, it is functional and mobile responsive as well.

The web developers are of two types- front-end developers and back-end developers.

The front-end developers look after about how the design is implemented on the web while the back-end developers create and maintain the technology of the user-facing side of any website.

A web developer Nyc needs to be aware of the security principles, Multimedia Content Development, API's, etc.

These were the distinguishing factors between the website designers and website developers.

For a successful website, both web designers and developers are necessary. A great design of a website is not of any use if it is not brought into reality. Without a design, the best developers may create average kind of websites. So, both are equally important. In many small-scale companies, the same person does both web designing and developing. But hiring dedicated resource would anytime yield better results because one job is creative and another is technical.

So, are you looking to hire a Web Designer Nyc or a Web Developer Nyc for your company? I hope that the difference between them is clear to you now. So, you can decide for yourself and hire the best talent and design a dynamic website for a lucrative business.